Search for family leads to dangerous places 

Kwabena Miller

The autobiographical book by Miller is available at:  

It is a great read for everyone, Middle and high school students need to hear this! 

Everyone Loves a God Story! 

How many times have you watched a movie, been to a play, watched television, read a good book, looked at social media, or listened to someone tell a story?   We love stories! 

The best stories are God stories.  We want to share our stories with your and we want to share yours.  What are your miracles?  When have you seen God at work in your life?  When has God shown you mercy?  Tell us about God's grace.

When you send your stories, remember our mission: Inspire, Encourage, Gather, and Love. 

Sharon Hilton

A link to her books will soon follow. She is an amazing person! 

Justin & Jena Owens, an inspiring couple determined to fulfill their mission.  There will also be a book coming from Justin.