Our Logo

When seeking a design for our Hero in Place Award, I asked the Lord, “How does honor look?” Immediately He spoke, “The Maltese Cross”.

In my research on pictures of the Maltese Cross, I discovered it was originally (in the 1500’s) 4 “V’s” or arrows facing inward. It was a cross symbol for the Knights of St. John of Malta and symbolized protection and a badge of honor. The picture of the design for our HIP Award then came from the Lord.

The design had a red heart in the middle of the arrows and a blue border around the cross. As I sought the Lord further, He told me what each part of the design stood for:

--4 arrows that hit the mark of “Loving Others as You Love Yourself”, the second of the two greatest commandments that Jesus said sum up the will of God. Matthew 22:37-40

--The arrows represent: 1) Generosity; 2) Compassion; 3) Action; and 4) Humility. The arrows are white to represent “pure motives”.

--The red heart represents the “Agape” love of God as demonstrated by the sacrificial blood Jesus shed for us on the cross—laying down His life for others.

--The blue border stands for the will of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

As we who are a part of Faith Charities saw the God-given design, we agreed that it also represented well what Faith Charities stands for, so it then became our Faith Charities logo.

Linda Mowrer

(Linda created the logo and her husband, Mike made it alive in stained glass.  Mike and Linda created the Gifts from God's Heart Ministry)

Special Thanks

Linda & Mike Mowrer for sharing your artistic talents. 


Mikaela Klimovitz who took the design and made it digital.