Joseph's Story

Joseph was born August 8, 1985.  He was a third-generation military man.  He died in an accident in 2015.  He battled addiction and depression. It is too late to help Joseph.  It is not to support other local heroes. Many face battles in civilian life.  Is there a real need for services? Studies indicate staggering numbers.  One study indicates potentially 250,000 cases of PTSD related to the Iraqi war.  Click here for more information on PTSD and veterans. 

 “Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify (build up) another” (Romans 14:19).


Joseph Hampton Memorial Fund

A fund set up to collect funds to be used in our community to help local Veterans.   Anyone can donate.

Twice per year funds will be allocated to these non-profits.  Detailed funding reports will be published annually.
"I hope you will join me in my effort to support our local heroes."
Erin Hampton Cooper