The Vision:  God’s people with His heart, led by the Holy Spirit, bombarding Earth with blessings from the Lord. 

How:  “I am Yours, Lord Jesus.  How do You want me to bless people?  Who do You want to bless?  What words?  What Scriptures?  When?  Apart from You I can do nothing.” 

Gifts from God’s Heart:  God has formed us each with a special purpose and identity in His Kingdom.  Some of us are “Hope Craftsmen”.  We make and pray over items to give to people as the Holy Spirit directs.  This is our purpose: to bless.  God wants everyone to know He sees them and loves them so much! 

Gifts from God’s Heart

Gifts from God’s Heart is the ministry given by Jesus several years ago to Mike and Linda Mowrer. Mike and Linda are both artisans who desired to use their giftings from the Lord to bless people as He directed.

Mike is a stained glass artisan who has both given and sold many beautiful pieces of glass art. Linda is a textile artisan who has blessed many people with uniquely designed quilts, banners, and assorted types of sewn gifts. They call themselves “Hope Craftsmen”. The purpose of the Gifts from God’s Heart ministry is to give as God provides and directs so people will see and know that God loves each one of them so much.

Just imagine what Earth would look like if all God’s people were a united Army of God’s Love, each using their unique callings and giftings to bless others.