Teresa wants you to know how much she cares. She has made her book, Livin On a Prayer available to you as an e-book at no cost.  The book explains her story and her walk of faith.


Gathered.us is a business founded by Faith Charities founder Teresa Sheppard.  It provides resources to connect the community, businesses, and empower the people.  It creates a bridge for non-profits and for-profit businesses to work together to serve.  It is also the way Sheppard "gathers" the people, places, projects, passions, and priorities she has so that she can serve others.

Faith Charities 


Teresa Sheppard is available for keynote speeches,

motivational speeches, sales training, and event planning.

Call 865.321.1107 or Email teresa@gathered.us

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FORGIVING BY FAITH, Stage Play - August 26, 2017                                                                   OXYGEN. COME ALIVE.   October 07.2017

Written By: Beverly Hamilton    Directed by: Will Dorsey                                                                 Lead by Zack Hawkins & Kwabena Miller