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The idea for church without walls came when Michelle Garlington talked about wanting to see people built up more than structures.  It so happened that Zack Hawkins, Teresa Sheppard, and others on the team and a similar vision. That is how it works with God.  He sends the same idea to a team of his people. The idea is simple, give people an option.  Give people a way and place to be inspired, learn, fellowship, worship, and grow outside of what is traditional. We in no way oppose traditional churches.  In fact, it is the exact opposite we love churches.  We encourage you to go.  We realize though that many of you don't go to church.  We also realize that you might enjoy a church without walls.  We invite you to join us. We will soon add videos, blogs, and resources to share the hope with you. 

  •  We invite you to Oxygen on October 7, 2017 as we officially kick off the Church Without Walls. 

Every church even those without walls needs quality leaders.  

Our leaders are: 

Kwabena Miller, Evangelist

Zack Hawkins, Evangelist 


Want to become an official member?   Email: teresa@gathered.us for details. 

 Don't have a church?  Church Without Wall is the only church you have? 

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Have other questions, need prayer, or want to find a way to connect?  Email: teresa@gathered.us