Church Without Walls brings faith to people where they are.  Jesus didn't wait for people to come to him, he went to them. 

The idea is simple.  Provide an opportunity for inspiration, engagement, and serving to those who are not interested in going to a church building.  Share the love of Jesus to people as they are where they are.


*We in no way oppose churches.  We love churches!  We encourage you join a local church. We appreciate the value traditional churches bring to our communities.   


  •  We invite you to Oxygen on October 7, 2017 when we officially kick off the Church Without Walls.  "The Word and prayer are our only source of power, they are our life-line; Our Oxygen."  Kwabena Miller 

Every church even those without walls needs quality leaders.

Here to serve you:  

Kwabena Miller, Evangelist

Zack Hawkins, Evangelist 


Want to become an official member?   Email: for details. 


 Don't have a church?  Church Without Wall is the only church you have? 

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​We will soon add videos, blogs, and resources to share the hope with you.

Have other questions, need prayer, or want to find a way to connect?  Email: