When I was growing up my grandmother loved to sit on the porch swing.  Everyone was welcomed. Her smile alone was an anti-depressant. I can't tell you how many visits we had on her old swing. 

I didn't realize it then but, the visits were life lessons. Her words were drops of wisdom.  I also can't tell you how many times I've wished I could walk up to her porch, see her smile, and let those drops of wisdom shower me with understanding one more time. 

That swing, her smile, & her wisdom was a place where I was at home.  A place where I was never rejected, always loved, always wanted, and always enough. I didn't have to be anything but me. 

After a series of unfortunate events, what I refer to as the "Worst Year Ever", I wanted to give up.  I thought I had lost everything.  I wished God would take me on to Heaven.  God didn't. Instead, He showed me that I not only have salvation but I have something of immeasurable value here.  It wasn’t money, my career, anything I own, or even my own talent.  

 My greatest asset was, is, and has always been people!  God gave me incredibly amazing people!  I don't only mean my grandmother and her swing.  I mean all the wonderful people God provided me to have porch swing moments with. 
 People who make me feel welcomed, loved, and wanted.  People who believe in me, help me, encourage me, and do life with me. People who let me help, encourage, and do life with them.

 PEOPLE.  I have people!

 People is what I want to share.  My vision for Faith Charities is that we help you have porch swing moments of your own.  
Jesus always stopped and made time for the people in front of Him.  We want to do the same with you.    We want you to know that on the porch swing of life: you are welcomed, you are not rejected, you are loved, and you are enough.  


Teresa Sheppard


Faith Charities